Happy Holidays from Aesop

This year In lieu of the soon-forgotten holiday cookies and trinkets, we have chosen to support the Emergency Teen Homeless Shelter program through Baystate Community Services (www.baystatecs.org). This is an organization we were fortunate to discover through our Spark Something New program, where we have been able to coach the CEO and learn about the phenomenal work this organization is doing to disrupt the cycle of poverty, homelessness, and addiction on the South Shore of Massachusetts.
CEO Daurice Cox had this to say: “A donation toward the Emergency Teen Homeless Shelters can help in so many ways.  The kids in the Shelter are between the ages of 12-18 and they truly have no place else to go.  Many times they arrive with nothing but a backpack and we are scrambling to get clothes and toiletries.  With this type of donation we can help kids meet their basic needs and even fund the fees for extracurriculars and trips that their peers can afford but they cannot.”

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