Successful launch for the HireBest™ Interview Technique Training

Aesop Partners proudly presented HireBest™ this year and completed it’s 8 Cohorts of four 90-minute modules training approximately 500 people. This exciting news comes just three months after launching the groundbreaking interview training technique. The company is set to launch two additional four-part cohorts and offer a pre-recorded online based foundations course by the end of 2020 Q1.

The founder of Aesop, Craig della Penna, says “This program is helping organizations on the battlefield of the war on talent. I have seen so many company’s make the wrong hire because they didn’t have clear direction on what they are hiring for. I am hoping that this training program will give organizations the leg up they need in building the organization they want to help get them to the next level.” Additional four-part cohorts will be offered throughout the year and we hope to see more organizations taking advantage of what this program has to offer.

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